i can see the pub from here!

by julie posted October 11, 2010

Not quite at the same thrilling heights as ryan reached on his little helicopter trip yesterday, we also took a vertical photowalk up the big wheel at the Point Village, or as it seems to be known locally, the ‘Dublin Eye’. I was delighted that this shot came out at all, with such hazy conditions but I quite liked the result – except for the little marks all over the frame which I’ve had on every silvershade shot I’ve used so far – hopefully they have fixed that in the new batch they just released, ah well.

4 Responses to i can see the pub from here!

  1. Love this!

  2. Lovely shot, love the glimpse of the Calatrava bridge.

  3. Looks like a picture that's a hundred years old!

  4. the little marks do not disturb the feel of this picture, twouldnt be half a dream away if they weren't there. so nice!

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