it’s made in the shade daddio!

by julie posted October 4, 2010

Even though I was struck down by a stinky cold before my trip to scotland at the weekend I still managed to have a great time visiting family and meeting ‘new’ people. I say ‘new’ because i’ve been talking to them on twitter for ages now, but it was our first face to face meeting. I got a sneak peek at The Yarn Cake shop, which will be open before long, and also popped in to the new event at the barras – Supermercado – and met the absolutely lovely, very hard working and incredibly stylish ladies behind Made In The Shade who were kind enough to let me take a few wee pics in their new Barras HQ which is all ready for holding craft workshops. Part of me definitely wishes I still lived in Glasgow now!

5 Responses to it’s made in the shade daddio!

  1. :O I *need* to go there! Now!

  2. They will be seeling online soon apparently ;)

  3. aai. . . lief klein varkentje must have felt at home there

  4. wow, jools… these pix look pro quality. could they go on the place's web site?

  5. thanks :) They are available if they want them, anyway!

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