by julie posted September 24, 2010

I haven’t had much success with the first few shots of my Impossible Project colour film so far, but I appreciate that the project relies on suck- well, um, people like me to fork out for the not so stable version of the stuff to fund the development process. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway. At ¬£1.67 a shot, it is kind of painful when you get 3 complete fails to one useable image :/

3 Responses to pioneering

  1. Ah boo – that's a pity. Was contemplating getting some over the weekend but still need convinced, nor is my wallet…

  2. That's very expensive experimentation!

  3. this looks like a "you" shot :)…i don't have many that turned out like i wanted, but they did turn out. it is a costly experiment, but if you can swing it, i think it's pretty cool to see what you (and others) get out of it..

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