quality time

by julie posted September 20, 2010

quality time
I love a sunday afternoon spent re-acquainting myself with the inhabitants of the botanic gardens…

8 Responses to quality time

  1. Simple & beautiful. Perfect :)

  2. That's some very yummy pinky-ness!

  3. Beautiful, I sometimes forget tonpass comment on yours because they all tend to be beautiful and I see it and say " oh yeah, another beautiful shot" but that doesn't mean I don't love them :o)

  4. Julie you always take my breath away. I could look at your photos all day.

  5. Oh, it's ok, she's back! :p
    Both lovely shots , the dark one all the lovelier for the little hit of surprise value, mmmm, darkness…..

  6. Like a 'flowerly' spring in pink. These lovely inhabitants seem to love your presence.

  7. Thanks everyone!

  8. one word: uitroepteken!

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