a long way

by julie posted September 9, 2010

a long way
It is over a year since the last yarn tasting, the 2010 one is tonight and we’re doing something a little bit different, a photo booth for people to bring along their knitted items to be photographed.

That night in 2009 I came along with my camera as an ice breaker because I knew nobody, and was rather nervous. In those 12 short months though, I’ve found myself such an amazing group of friends who have taught me loads about knitting, crochet and other crafts but also about how damn nice other human beings can actually be.

5 Responses to a long way

  1. Ooo, this is so pretty, so soft and delicate, love it.

  2. I keep coming back to look at this, I don't why. It just has something. Love it!

  3. This is what I meant to say.

  4. hi julie! that link to last year's pics is broken now which is weird cos it was working a few days ago :(

  5. it almost looks nicer here than in the real world, almost…

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