half a dream away at the green

by julie posted August 30, 2010

half a dream away at the green
I had a fantastic weekend at people’s photography which was in no small way due to the good weather, the guys who organised the event, my fellow photographers displaying on the railings (and sharing fantastic food) and of course, the lovely lovely people who came along and showed an interest in my pictures, and even adopted some of them for their own :)

Thank you all.

4 Responses to half a dream away at the green

  1. if there was one display completely different from the others and really attractive at that… it was yours! fully standing out from the crowd, hartstikke mooi

  2. I love my new pictures – C has taken the rosehippy snowy one for his office :D

  3. Good Work, looks great. I had planned on dropping by but unfortunately something came up.

  4. You SO deserve a price for bést display!!

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