by julie posted July 30, 2010

It took a few days of driving round with me shouting like a lunatic when i spotted a highland cow, for ryan to actually see one too and until then he was entirely convinced they were mythical creatures (unlike the wild haggis which is, of course, entirely real).

A pair finally came within stalking distance somewhere on the road around loch ness and although we didn’t get close enough for me to get the polaroid shot i had in mind, this should prove as photographic evidence of their existence.

6 Responses to herrycoo

  1. Somthing like the mythical road bowlers of West Cork !!

  2. Well worth the hunt. I love these, thankfully I don't have to work with to many. They're a little awkward to handle as you might imagine :)

  3. He's gorgeous!

  4. Fine – a bit outdated Beatles coiffure…

  5. Wowsies, they look a tad unreal!

  6. Aye the beasties still live,but its a rare sight these days!

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