quiet friends

by julie posted April 1, 2009

Always there, and happy to see you when you come by.

Looks like we’re in the quiet before the sofobomo storm, everyone’s laying out pages, and thinking of themes. Just want to get started now, I’m not huge on this planning stuff….

3 Responses to quiet friends

  1. you made me sign up, you'll have to help me ;)

  2. Leaving it to the last minute is the only way to go. Planning ahead is so overrated. Lovely shot btw.

  3. that center tree is very expressive, but the thing i like best is the ambiguity of the background: it can be a concrete wall or a foggy forest stage set.

    the stuff you're showing here is a million miles away from where you started all those years (eek!) ago, jools. it's all got that something else going for it… definitely not clichéd!

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