on top of the world

by julie posted July 25, 2010

on top of the world
Taking off down the hill from the Top Station on Cairngorm mountain funicular railway. They had ‘legendary’ hot chocolate – by our standards it was fairly mediocre – but it did contain about 3 tablespoons of sugar and a mountain of cream, so maybe that’s why others have raved about it ;)

Expect plenty more landscapey pictures over the coming days, we did a lot of highland lay-by photo stops…

3 Responses to on top of the world

  1. I can't help but think that this would be much much cooler if it were a roller-coaster. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  2. it was already having unpleasant effects on my stomach, looking out at that view!

  3. not being a hero of heights myself, this is a heroic picture

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