a quiet spot

by julie posted July 6, 2010

a quiet spot
A peek through the window of the little house in the Italian Garden showed a rustic table and chair, with the daylight streaming in through the window, framed by ridiculous amounts of wisteria.

Did I mention the wisteria? ;)

7 Responses to a quiet spot

  1. ……must have been wisteria floribunda, which surely means something like flowers in abundance

  2. Looks gorgeous, great photographs. Where is it?

  3. There was wisteria?

  4. Ah, fond memories that you've rendered beautifully. Was wondering when the wisteria would make its debut here!

  5. Maybe I should have called my blog something something floribunda, at this rate…!

  6. oooo … wisteria …

  7. Beautiful. I'd like to sit at that table, it looks so quiet and peaceful.

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