sadly beautiful

by julie posted June 8, 2010

sadly beautiful
It’s just rain, not tears ;) I’m considering a japanese maple for the balcony but apparently will have to get a ‘weeping’ style, small one that will be more likely to survive the elements – and also my well intentioned but ultimately poor plant care :/

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  1. another sad acer, yet a very dainty one. best of luck

  2. This is a beautiful shot. I got a small one about 4 years ago for my balcony and it's lasted. It's supposed to be red, I repotted it a few months back and it's now mostly green. :/

  3. Beautiful beautiful plant which I have always admired for a long time. Such striking colours!!

  4. Simple love this shot Julie. The raindrops make it even more special. Big fave!

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