a different view

by julie posted May 24, 2010

a different view
On the spur of the moment we decided to hang around the west coast on sunday instead of heading straight back to dublin, and took a boat tour out by the cliffs of moher. It’s an excellent way to get an alternative view of the cliffs, and we were also very glad of the cool sea breeze ;)

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  1. How did the boat trip work out? Aafke and I were discussing doing it at some stage.

  2. Creates a wonderful reminiscence of the 1960's. Lovely.

  3. I think there were a few options for the boat trip, we got one from just beside a hotel on the road out of lanhinch towards the coast. You had to go out the back of the boat to photograph and it was cramped with 3 people out there, but still really enjoyed it.

  4. Aye, you just pictured it the way i expected it to be, apart from this image having your style/fingerprint on it of course.

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