daffodil day

by julie posted March 26, 2010

daffodil day
Usually I wouldn’t pay much attention to charity stuff if I’m honest, there seems to be so many that they all become a blur. But today is daffodil day which is to raise awareness (and funds) for the Irish Cancer Society. The difference with today is that I know two people personally, who have been helped out by the ICS, and it brings the whole thing home a bit more. I’ve got a little ICS daffodil pinned to my office cubicle here now :)

4 Responses to daffodil day

  1. lovely and lovely thought, julie. we've two teeny weeny tete-a-tetes on.

  2. Gorgeous. They are taking their time this year.

  3. This is BEAUTIFUL. I want to print it on a giant canvas. So gorgeous.

  4. Stunning photo. Really gorgeous.

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