happy day

by julie posted March 22, 2010

happy day
On saturday my desk-neighbour got married, and one of my favourite things from the day had to be their wedding car, which was in fact a vw camper van called ‘splitty’ from lazydays.ie and true to form, the couple’s tricksy friends filled it with balloons :)

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  1. Ah lovely! Some very matching green balloons to go with the VW curtains.

  2. imagine my delight when i peeked in and saw them! :D

  3. oh joy, there are even purple ones to match the (short?) bride's maids dresses

  4. I really want to rent one of those now! The pic is gorgeous

  5. The balloons tried to run away on the beach, but I think we got them all back. Thanks for taking the photos, there seem to be quite a few around now!

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