past sunset

by julie posted August 19, 2011

So, what did I learn this year?

I used the project as an excuse to push myself to do something that I had wanted to get into for a long while. I often find myself out in the ‘blue hour’ as Ove called it in his comment, but without a camera and there’s something so lovely about the light, I wondered just how much you could capture of that.  At least photographing it was rather easier than what John Sargent went through to paint something similar!

My effort was definitely what you might call ‘frontloaded’, I started with great enthusiasm but as the weeks went on the weather wasn’t co-operating and I was struggling for opportunities to shoot. I could have done with at least one more session, and had intended to do a city based one, which would have allowed me to drop a few of the weaker/similar shots that I had to include to make up the 35.

I had also intended to do something a lot more wordy but I find myself struggling to put across the whimsy without it sounding twee. David Ferrie did an excellent job with his combination of poems and photos of details in a graveyard, I might just take a lesson from that to bear in mind for next year ;)

I had a bit of a technical hitch with the quality of the photos in the pdf, so I’ve uploaded the set to a gallery here.

Now, I must start posting some photos from the Cork photowalk before I’m away to France!

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  1. yummy!

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