it’s coming…

by julie posted July 7, 2011

After keeping a close eye on the sky outside yesterday evening i made a last minute decision to dash to the Phoenix Park to shoot some more for my sofobomo project. I got rather excited when we noticed a fine layer of mist hanging just a couple of feet above the ground and grabbed this shot as a car was coming towards us. I rather like the effect the mist had on the headlights :)

4 Responses to it’s coming…

  1. I’m glad you made something of the soupy gloom out there yesterday- this is really lovely. And there’s my considered OrtSpeak take on that.

    • Heh, i hope it successfully explores the juxtaposition between light and dark, day and night, city and country, man and woman, analogue and digital, eh, what was i saying?

  2. Like it! That is all…..

  3. wat een atmosfeer !

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