natural habitat

by julie posted March 15, 2010

natural habitat
Relating to this post, we spotted this wee beastie as we squelched our way through the woods down in glendalough. The picture paints a slightly romanticised view of life in a wet woodland…

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  1. this is special and enthralling. you want to look at it again.

  2. hey, your wee beastie is evidence that someone' getting it on in the swamp! it can't be that unromantic : D

  3. Wonderful shot! Amazing how clearly you can see all the detail in the water, do you use a polarising filter? Love little frogs :)

  4. I didn't use a polarising filter in this case, I think it was a very lucky combination of the light and shadow that had the wee thing lit up but avoided the reflections on the surface…

  5. Wow thats special. He's underwater?

  6. yep,in a stream in a very boggy area of a wee forest…

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