self indulgence

by julie posted March 11, 2010

self indulgence
sometimes a girl just have to have some new red shoes…

8 Responses to self indulgence

  1. oooh… wow! Very chic :)

  2. Lovelilovely!!! No, I'm not playing with my name. :) This is a wonderful picture, I love how the skirt 'curves' and also is out-of-focus.

  3. Hah, i thought this post would get more attention from the ladies! Ove, it's a proper old style circle skirt so it flares out really wide. I love it :D

  4. and now i'm curious whether 'a girl' can actually move in those.

  5. I surely hope so because I have them lined up for two weekends of dancing!

  6. My first thought was The Wizard of Oz and Dorothy's red slippers! There's no place like home! :-)

  7. And of course the obligatory matching dress.

  8. Beautiful shot

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