into the mist

by julie posted March 8, 2010

into the mist
I went a bit click happy in the palm house yesterday. Expect lots more misty stuff! The lady in this photo stopped a few minutes later and asked me ‘does the mist affect your camera?’, to which i replied ‘yes, but in a very good way’ :)

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  1. I've pictured a shot like that for so long. It's beautiful.

  2. Really nice shot Julie. Love the silhouettes. Any sign of any blossoms yet?

  3. The funny thing is, i nearly stopped and waited for them to get out of the frame before i took the shot then realised 'doh', they ARE the shot!

  4. The bougainvillea is out, there's crocuses and a few snowdrops around the trees, but still pretty quiet apart from that…

  5. He Humans WTF? Lovely shot!

  6. might wait a few weeks before I head out so. 2-3 weeks and it should be lovely!

  7. Wow – there's something really magical about seeing a place I feel I know so well through another person's (camera) eyes. Nice one!

  8. BEAutiful! Where is this?

  9. Woo, I'm glad everyone seems to like this one :D Christina, it's the big glasshouse at the Botanic Gardens up at Glasnevin. If you haven't already been there… why on earth not?!?! ;)

  10. Wonderful,I'm transported to the 18th century Caribbean….

  11. heel mooi, heel erg mooi.

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