distinctive trees

by julie posted May 24, 2011

I waited for a car to drive out of the shot before I took this. I didn’t need to.

It’s a spot on the road through the Sally gap just before the crossroads, and there’s a pair of trees at the roadside that are so distinctive, I recognised them on an episode of Top Gear. I think, though, that i may have succeeded in taking a picture of them that renders them unrecognisable.

I won’t whinge (again) about the impossible film and how high maintenance it is. If it wasn’t so bloody unpredictable, i wouldn’t have got this result, which i actually kind of like.

Prior to this one, i got three frames of pure cream  – well – one of them had a vague outline of ryan’s head but it wouldn’t even be good enough to pick him out of a lineup. The reason you see a tree and the vague outline of some hills in this one is because instead of flinging the photo into the back box of the bike, i tucked it under my arm, inside my jacket. Bet you wanted to know that. Anyway that led to realising that even a lovely sunny day in ireland isn’t warm enough for this diva film and i used the same technique on the rest of the pack, which would have been rather more successful had i not told the camera to underexpose as well :(

It’s a steep learning curve, and i’ve one pack left of my birthday haul from last year to get it right…

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  1. a nice warmer alternative to Bon Iver’s first album cover : )

    (how come your RSS feed has stopped working again?)

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