my other life

by julie posted March 3, 2010

my other life
As anyone who follows me on twitter or listens to my waffling in person will know, i spend quite a large chunk of my spare time making knots on purpose with sticks. I’m not quite sure i can call it proper knitting yet ;)

Anyway, I’ve found a fantastic group of people who share this interest in lovely fluffy fibres, and some of them have their own knitting/crochet/felting/spinning blogs. If you’re of a craftsy persuasion you might be inspired by a browse through them:

Thread Bear’s Picnic
Wyvernfriend Knits
She Knit Up That Ball
Life from a Knitter’s Perspective
Tea and Cakes
Knitting Neels
Aran Brew
Playing with Fibre
And of course, my favourite spot in Powerscourt centre, This Is Knit :)

4 Responses to my other life

  1. a well-knit description and lovely knot-shot of your 'other life'

  2. Your Malabrigo looks so yummy! Gorgeous shot, and thanks for the linky. : )

  3. Mmmmmmalabrigo? looks good enough to eat!

  4. well spotted ladies, it is indeed the mmmmmalabrigo ;)

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