who needs glass anyway

by julie posted March 3, 2011

My little holga lens is rather fussy about what I shoot, and prefers buildings to flowers in general, but now and again it amazes and delights me in new a wonderful ways. These lovely poinsettias were in the very first glasshouse next to the car park at the botanic gardens, which has been refurbished fairly recently. Just look at that red…

4 Responses to who needs glass anyway

  1. what a great little lens. i love the dreamy holga effect!

  2. Beautiful shot. Is this a SIMA lens by any chance?

  3. Thanks guys :)

    Ken, it’s a lens that has been taken from a holga which is a cheap plastic camera and mounted on a body cap for my 5D :) I had never heard of sima lenses before, and now i’m very interested…!

  4. I WANT A CHEAP PLASTIC LENS!!1! *pounds tiny fists*

    This is astounding.

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