one last look back

by julie posted January 29, 2010

one last look back
I know, we moved on from the snow pictures and started thinking about those promising green shoots of spring. But I was trawling the archives for something printable last night and came upon this, which was taken in november 2008, when we were in scotland for a long weekend and were treated to a bit of proper cold. Snow is beautiful, but there’s also a magic to sparkly frost that covers every little branch…

4 Responses to one last look back

  1. yes… wherever it's to be found

  2. oooo I really like this. It looks sooo cold. Loving the whiteness of it.

  3. this is gorgeous, it looks magical with every possible thing covered in frost :)

  4. Oh yes, I love to wake up to mornings when this has happened. There's nothing that compares to the beauty of a night's frost. I can't come up with anything this very minute, anyway. :)

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