ready to go

by julie posted February 6, 2011

We got to see a couple of florists doing their thing behind the scenes at flowers made easy this weekend, and they do make it look easy – but when you’re faced with a room of buckets full of  so many different shapes and colours of flowers and greenery, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed and i’m absolutely in awe of what they do – never mind that they have to work in the freezing cold to keep the flowers fresh, too!

This is a bouquet that was waiting to go out to a customer, conveniently placed in a cream jug in front of a white wall for me to take advantage of ;)

6 Responses to ready to go

  1. Lovely soft colours Julie. Really nice!

  2. It was not waiting for you? Next time… :-)
    Lovely picture.

  3. Ah, Vlastimil beat me…, i was going to say: they knew you were coming. Zo zacht en zoet, deze foto.

  4. Brilliant to see your style ooze through even in a enviornments where one mightn’t expect as much. Lovely!

  5. This is the mostly *satisfyingly* lovely shot.

  6. Lovely delicacy to this one.

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