some polaroid love

by julie posted January 21, 2010

some polaroid love
I was reminded when I scanned that shot yesterday just how much my polaroid cameras really loved charleville castle. It must have been the quality of light, the brown tones of all the wood, and the faded beauty of the furniture that just matched perfectly with the softness that these cameras give.

5 Responses to some polaroid love

  1. Beautiful and soft photograph :)

  2. Really beautiful. Colours are lovely.

  3. def agree, really loved the photos you took with your polaroid that I saw of charleville, really lovely stuff.

  4. it's been way too long since i called over for a peek at your blog julie! i'm sorry about that. this is a beautiful shot, the light and the tone of those lovely browns combine for a smooth looking photo :) it's great!

  5. tread softly…….

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