in the glasshouse

by julie posted February 2, 2011

No waffling today, just pictures. The one above I’ve probably actually taken pretty much every time I’ve visited the botanic gardens, funny how the same things draw your eye over and over again. Don’t know why i never got to posting it until now, maybe i’m still not seeing what it is that I’m taking the picture for, in the final image.

Anyway, just beyond where this was taken is a glass house that seems to have become a bit of a gallery for seasonal displays, and i just LOVE what they’ve done with it now. It’s got crates of apples, broken terrariums, old doors, crinkly leaves, boxes of acorns, moss everywhere, old barrels with ivy and overgrown terracotta plant pots stacked up… elfy heaven. I was probably scaring the other visitors with a manic grin when I walked in!

Anyway, there’s too much to put in one post so I made a gallery. You can get to it through the gallery page from the main menu at the top, or by being lazy and clicking this very handy link i made just for you :)

6 Responses to in the glasshouse

  1. very nice and you-ish too.

  2. Nice one Julie like the simple tones, shadows and textures, fine creative image. Bots is a great spot endless photos to be taken. Must bring Holga for a walk there soon, near my folks so no excuses.

  3. I’m liking this new look blog of yours, simple, elegant and as always, the photos are gorgeous.

  4. I never know what to say in response, i really appreciate you popping by and leaving a note. Thank you :)

  5. !!!hmph!!!

    wow, that one just took my heart and squeezed it… POW!

  6. it reminds me of some uta barth stuff.

    kinda reminds me of you-know-who, too, except that it’s radiating light instead of misery :)))

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