first footers

by julie posted January 5, 2010

first footers
Well, not quite, because they weren’t actually visiting us – but it was new year’s day. For anyone not familiar with this scottish tradition, it’s the first people to visit you after the bells on hogmanay, and traditionally they would bring a lump of coal. And a bottle of something alcoholic. It was still in practice when I was wee…

4 Responses to first footers

  1. But how would you know you were the first to visit someone? You'd have to carry a bag of coal around and a load of whisky (hope I spelled it right for ya)!!

  2. Technicalities! It was never that complicated, and I'm not sure anyone really cared ;) I think people carried the same lump of coal to lots of houses…

  3. Now that's what I call a birds eye view. Great angle.

  4. hehehehe. A lucky lump of coal.

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