little calendar

by julie posted December 31, 2009

little calendar
Sometime in October I put together a little calendar, which I designed to fit into little zipdisk cases (remember zipdisks?!) but they can be displayed in lots of different ways – like with tiny pegs on string :)

Anyway I never quite got round to doing the whole craft fair thing, but I still have the files there so if you want to use them to print your own, or even to put in a corner of your virtual desktop, visit the set page here and help yourself.

However, if there’s any demand, I could print out a set or two on my (not great) little printer and send them out. Just leave a comment!

2 Responses to little calendar

  1. …. for the year that's fading away

  2. Well, this one is for 2010 so I'm feeling a little optimistic ;)

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