a hidden gem

by julie posted October 19, 2009

a hidden gem
I had never even heard of Airfield Farm in Dundrum until last week when someone mentioned the place on twitter, then i also saw this beautiful blog post from Eadaoin on City of Blackbirds and I absolutely had to get up there for a look, especially to see if anything was still blooming in the wildflower meadow. We were pleasantly surprised that not only were there still plenty of cornflowers and poppies in the meadow, but also a pair of pigs snorting their way through the grass! After many tasteless (or should I say tasty) jokes about bacon and pork chops I dragged ryan off round the rest of the place (inlcuding a little car museum, very cool) and went a bit nuts with the old polaroid film. So, I best get scanning…

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  1. hey nice shot! i literally got down on my kneeds in that meadow and my shutter finger went crazy with delight hehe. this is a lovely shot, there is such a sense of peace in it, it's hard to imagine this is in the middle of the city. oh and thanks for the mention, that's very nice of you :D

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