by julie posted December 9, 2008

I decided to update with a nice new wintery header.

Then I decided to update with a theme to match said new wintery header.

The I realised that I lost all my sidebars. Minimal really means minimal.

I have to do some sort of hacking exercise to get this looking how I want, which is likely to involve hosting this on my own domain. If you read the blog through RSS, I suppose this all doesn’t matter really. But if you don’t, hang in there and I’ll have it all looking spiffy… at some point in the future…

In the meantime, you can see my stuff on flickr here.

3 Responses to oops

  1. snow flakes… across the whole page! cool :D

  2. really good – I do like it’s unobtrusiveness. Ah, just noticed that it noticeably slows down typing. but at least when reading its just a nice remember of what we would like to see outside

  3. Ah yes i just noticed the typing thing too. I’m sure it’s tolerable until january 4th ;)

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